I just wanted to thank you and Martha for an awesome day at La Costa! Although I am frustrated with my swing, I learned some GREAT exercises, principles, and techniques for chipping and getting out of the sand. Please stay in touch and let me know when you are doing other clinics! I would still love to learn more about the mental game and groove the sequencing principles of the golf swing!
Thank you for combining spiritual practices with a phenomenal game!



I have had numerous opportunities to work with Martha over the last couple of years, in a variety of settings. She is a gifted and very knowledgeable teacher. She has helped my game tremendously. Martha has a keen eye and is able to see swing flaws and then offer ways to improve through drills. She has videotaped my swing which was quite helpful. She is also versatile,  in that she can instruct young, old, male or female, beginner or experienced.  I have also appreciated how Martha is able to make me feel at ease. She has a very non-threatening way of getting her point across. I recently spoke with a gentleman who had taken lessons from Martha. He commented that he had taken lessons from several different male instructors who just made him feel like he “didn’t know anything”. He appreciated her teaching style. I can, without hesitation, endorse Martha Mallott.

Deb R.

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